Lost Art Notecards Success

Send Notecards thanking for referrals (even if they have never referred you!)


Pictured is the image and below is the success story from a service provider using lost art notecards. We have removed the names to protect the innocent.

"One of the tools that really touched me was the Lost Art Note Cards. This was something I did 15 years ago but have neglected over recent years. In the class, Tom asked for us to think of a client that we would like to reach out to thank, or to let them know they are missed. I chose to reach out to a couple who are extremely loyal clients but have never referred anyone. In the note I thanked them for their loyal support and for all of their referrals ;) A week later, the wife sent me a picture of the card with the message "Someone's momma raised them right." The next week they referred 5 of their friends to me!

One note card equaled 5 new clients! I couldn't believe it.

Without Qnity I would have never thought to reach out to my clients in this way. Can't wait to see how using the rest of the tools will change my life!"

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