Meet Christie

Chisties-QPlan-645x408 Christies-Text-side--645x460 Some people live a nice, predictable lifestyle and value security above challenge. Christie was this person a mere 8 months ago. Let me introduce you to old Christie. Christie gets her first job out of college working a 9-5 corporate job, a cushy salary, and a beautiful apartment in the city. On paper, life is great for Christie. The problem? Christie is unfulfilled. After a streak of company wide layoffs, Christie finds herself out of this corporate job she really never wanted to stay in in the first place. She views this like a true optimist- as a blessing in disguise. Always envisioning herself as a future entreprenuer, she packs her bags, leaves her apartment, and moves across the county to Los Angeles for a brand new journey. A journey in the land of start ups and entrepenuership. Fast forward to today. Christie is living a new dream, working for two entreprenuerial start ups. Her biggest challenge? FOCUS. In the corporate world, clear structure and path to follow everyday is a part of the ticket. You have a mentor and a trainer that helps guide you to reach the next promtion, and the next, etc. Not in the start up world. The challenge with being your on boss-you have to create structure for yourself everyday with no path to follow. So, she made a QPlan. Feeling overwhelmed, she made a QPlan. This helped her to get clear on what she wanted- (love, happiness, a fulfilling career, and making money - the "grapes" symbolize being able to feed herself.)  Now that she is clear on whatWhat she was missing was how to get there. So, we got clear on her goals- her most important GOALS for each company (the top two boxes) and left the bottom two boxes for her personal goals  (finding love + eating healthy meals). This is a great reminder about the QPlan. The visual side is what you want, but you have to have a clear text side of your goals, objectives, and action steps to help you get there. Wishing Christie lots of success on reaching her goals!