Megan's Qnity Story

MEgan-JAnseen Everything made perfect sense after going through Qnity's 2 day class! As a stylist & a salon manager, I believe we all know what needs to be done but all struggle with how to make it happen. Qnity's Success Principles put it all into perspective for me. Making it Simple made me realize that the work isn't as difficult as it seems.Going Visual & Structure is so helpful for me and my full team of right brain-ers. Small Steps & going from Knowing to Doing were exactly what I needed to hear to get my rear in gear to make these changes within our salon. With these 5 tools, I know Allure Salon & Spa can grow, individually & as a team! I want to be their coach that gives them the tools, knowledge and guidance to help achieve these goals! Personally I feel more motivated & structured to make changes in my life at the work place and at home. The 9Grid is such an amazing tool to organize your thoughts onto paper. Since Qnity, I have made a 9Grid to not only be a better Salon Coach but also to Get Healthy, & daily at-home tasks. I am a person that craves structure so having all these charts to refer to when I am feeling lost are perfect for me. Having only been in a management position for the past 4 months, I tend to struggle on when to focus on being the best stylist I can be or when to be a manager/coach. There are many behaviors I have & will continue to change. Qnity helps me to engage into one or the other and when the time is right to that. Q+A has also helped me and my team to all be on the same page - All working with the same system, all working towards the same goal. Qnity puts into perspective how to understand each of my team member's personal struggles and individual goals. We all came back from our 2 day class feeling so inspired & motivated! There is such a positive & uplifting attitude in our salon following the program, everyone is so eager to make the changes and see results! Q+A is the first & only class I have taken in my 8 years in the industry that has made growing your business feel SO SIMPLE! As stylists working in a fast paced salon, we find it extremely difficult to find time to sit down to track & run our daily numbers. Classes like this I've taken in the past require a lot of book work at the end of each day, a lot of work that stylists do not want to put in after an 8+ hour day. I LOVE that the Tuesday Tracker is something you can fill out once a week, glance at, see your growth or where you need growth all within a few minutes! I cannot wait to see the results of our 13 week challenge, I am hoping to have a salon full of 17%-ers!!! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.