Megan's Qnity Story

Megan Anderson | Stylist | Rain Salon & Spa, ID Megan Anderson | Stylist | Rain Salon & Spa, ID My name is Megan Anderson. I'm a full time hairstylist at Rain Salon & Spa in Meridian, Idaho and I'm extremely motivated to become a Qnity Ambassador for my team! To me, prosperity means tackling a new objective or goal everyday. Whether it be a life changing achievement, or simply something new incorporated into your everyday routine, prosperity means having your goal set and working towards it every day. Qnity has helped me prosper by giving me the tools to keep my goals small and simple, yet achievable with the tools given in my qpack. I personally feel much more structured in my personal and professional life with the help of the Qnity tools. It has encouraged me to uplift myself and others towards reaching small goals that are achieved every day in our salon and spa. I have seen such improvement in myself and my team reaching our 17% goals and personal goals in our lives. I reach higher and push myself further with the help of my QPlan and 9Grid. I plan on being a huge motivator for my team. I absolutely love seeing people tackle their goals head on and I love pushing them even further than they thought they could go. I believe I could be a great ambassador for my team! Create something Brilliant Create something Brilliant

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