Monday Morning Health

Happy Monday!

Today I want to introduce you to the Power 9® shared by the longest living and healthiest people identified through Blue Zones “hotspots” around the world. National Geographic Fellow and best-selling author, Dan Buettner, explored these longevity “hotspots” and discovered nine common denominators which he calls the Power 9®.

How perfect that they fit into a 9Grid!


What can we take away from these Blue Zones centenarians from places like Ikaria, Greece or Sardinia, Italy, and implement into our daily lives to increase our personal prosperity? Because I put such a high importance on the food we eat, I’m going to start there. These centenarians have a significantly higher plant-based diet that includes a variety of beans, vegetables, and fruits. Meat is eaten roughly five times per month.

Does this mean you need to eliminate meat entirely from your diet? Of course not. The point is that animal protein becomes more of side dish (portion about the size of a deck of cards) than the main course.

I’m sharing my Morning Berry Shake recipe with you because it’s an easy way to get four servings of fruits and vegetables plus some healthy protein. It’s also provides the perfect “jump start” to your metabolism in the morning to fuel your body for the busy day ahead.


Morning_berry_shake Mary Kuhn headshotMary Kuhn is a Certified Health Coach and Educator. She also has a MS in Human Performance (emphasis in adult fitness-cardiac rehabilitation). Drawing upon her 20+ years in corporate health/wellness and her coaching experience, she helps people to live their healthy best. Mary can be reached at or 612.202.7937.   Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.