Mykala's Qnity Growth!

Stylist | Panache Hair Studio & Day Spa| ID Stylist | Panache Hair Studio & Day Spa| ID It has been a month since I participated in the Qnity class and the amount of positive change I have made has shocked me! I have been reflecting on how my last month has gone, I have improved my pre-book numbers they are now up to 77.5%, my add-ons are higher than they have ever been! I have made it a personal habit to look at my QPlan as well as my Tuesday Tracker to review not only my goals but my numbers every morning and every night. I'm finally comfortable looking at my numbers and fully understanding what they mean, that was my biggest challenge going into Qnity and I was determined to figure it out this year. I no longer have to cross my fingers and hope that my paycheck is good, I know exactly what its going to be and can plan accordingly. One thing that really clicked for me during the class was the rules of engagement, I cant wait to put to use what I have learned as well as build upon the skills I already have. I'm so excited to be a "cheerleader" in the salon and help my salon family through their challenges and keep them motivated so that everyone makes their goals. logo-needed-280x91