Prepare & Follow Up

Prepare_follow-Up Before going through Qnity, I would normally be running late everyday. Doing my make up in the car, PEELING into the parking lot, racing into the salon, outfit incomplete, and a lot of times my guests would actually already be there! This meant my day would start in a downward spiral. If my guest were to ask a question, or express an interest to try something new- I was not in the state to come up with something off the cuff. Therefore, I would just try to make it through the day. At Qnity, I was introduced to the concept of "Prepare and Follow-up." This made me realize how many opportunities went missing with my guests, simply as a result of not being prepared!  When I got back to the salon, this was the first thing I changed. I began to arrive to work before my guest's arrival, 15 minutes early. This meant I could prepare to start my day, versus flying into it. My make up & outfit complete, I saw firsthand how looking and feeling your best transfers into delivering a quality visit with your guest. It also made me feel so much more confident! Having time to look at my schedule for the day in advance, there would now be time to be like, "Oh my gosh! I have a huge cancellation, and I know my client Karen has been trying to come in today. I should give her a call and let her know I have room for her!" Or, where are there gaps in my day? Where can I fit someone else in, or where can I add on services to fill that open time? The next thing to do was to look at each individual's ticket and offer something new to do on them. I would show them a photo and say, "What do you think of this color? I really think this would look amazing on you with your complexion and especially going into summer." Even if their answer was "no," they still felt so special that I was taking the time to think about them beforehand. Looking at their tickets in advance, I was able to look at their previous purchases. Did they purchase something new the last time they were with me? If so, I made sure to to see how they liked it. I also would recommend another new product to try. This continued to build my confidence, and they were feeling so loved that I was thinking about them! My delivery came with confidence, simply as a result of preparation! This transfer of confidence came to everything I was selling. I was now sure of what I was doing and saying, versus thinking on the spot as I had in the past. Arriving to work a few minutes earlier creates a much more enjoyable day, for my clients and myself. The act of preparing also ties into the act of following up with guests. Since I was prepared and therefore more engaged, I wanted to follow up with how they felt after their service- and not just those who I KNEW were really happy with their look. I now reach out to those I know didn't love what I did. Most people aren’t going to freely offer up if they don’t like something. It is my job to do so and offer to fix it. The result? Retaining guests who might not have come back! For guest's who didn't love what I did- I am proactive and give them the opportunity to give honest feedback. When I follow up, it’s a lot of times on someone who did a big change. I contact them on Facebook or by phone, a lot of times they say they love what we did, but if they don’t, I recommend we fix it. Sometimes it could simply be a matter of making a few tweaks to the cut, or putting in a few more highlights to frame the face. These changes are such an easy fix for us as stylists and a lot of times guests don’t realize that! This means they would be walking around unhappy with their look for months, and this might mean they go to another salon the next time. Another way to follow up is to have the front desk or myself call a client directly if they haven’t been in for awhile. Most of the time, they are so happy you are thinking about them! Otherwise, at least you put the thought in their head for the future. This act of PREPARE and FOLLOW-UP is honestly my biggest takeway from the program. What are the benefits of doing this? My clients were receptive, my retail was up, my confidence was up, my retention was up . This lead to my boss promoting me four weeks after attending Qnity!  My numbers went up that much, that my boss was able to promote me! This is something you can do right away, the success is something you will see and feel instantly! And you will become so much more engaged too! The tool I use to engage myself everyday is the QPlan. Do I want to be promoted? Do I do want to go to Italy? By looking at this everyday, it serves as a reminder of what I want out of life and provides enthusiasm to start each day. As stylists, our guests are engaged with us, to the degree we are engaged with them. If you are engaged, if you are excited- they will be too! Doing this, you can turn your current clientele into your dream clientele without ever having a different guest in your chair. Yes, there will be days where we struggle. Am I perfect? No. There are still days where I am late or not early. If and when this happens, it's just my job to turn it around so it doesn't have a negative impact on my day. I have to get CLOSURE on the fact that I am late. Then I think okay, I am here, let me get CLARITY on what I am doing, and hopefully I can finish this guest a little bit before my next guest to regroup and get my CONFIDENCE up again. Now, those days of flying into the parking lot unprepared physically & mentally are few and far in between. susannah_blogpost Susannah Feaster, Stylist and Team lead at JCon Salons in FL