"Prosperity is what you make of it!"

Adam Blain | Stylist | Avalon, TX Adam Blain | Stylist | Avalon, TX The meaning of prosperity to me is having control over my productivity. Previous to attending Qnity, I was not very involved in the numbers side of the business. I stood behind my chair, did whatever, sat down, and that was that! Now that I have the necessary tools to track, monitor, and increase my numbers- prosperity has become what I make of it!  The Tuesday Tracker has without a doubt made the biggest difference in the way that I approach the business. Having access to those numbers in a simple format that is easy to understand and goal yourself off of has driven home, for me, the importance of having 4X4 ways conversations with my clients about product and prebooking! I catch myself now not only pulling my weekly numbers to fill in my Tuesday Tracker but I am looking at my numbers daily to assure that I stay on track for the week! The most obvious result of success that I have celebrated since implementing Qnity was when I received my 17% pin. I am a 17'er! Not only am I a 17'er but I am surrounded by them. Many people in my company have seen exponential growth from Qnity. We really work as a team in encouraging and guiding others to success.

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