health_absence Herophilus (335 B.C. – 280 B.C.), personal physician to Alexander the Great, made this statement a very long time ago but still holds true today. We simply cannot experience life to the fullest – true prosperity - without good health! Living a prosperous life is what Qnity is all about. Our tools and ongoing education will help you to focus on your business and personal life.   Moving forward, we will also provide weekly health tips here to encourage simple and gradual lifestyle changes that will give you more energy and vitality to do the work you love, make more money, and have a life! Lots of great information and yummy recipes to come! Mary Kuhn headshotMary Kuhn is a Certified Health Coach and Educator. She also has a MS in Human Performance (emphasis in adult fitness-cardiac rehabilitation). Drawing upon her 20+ years in corporate health/wellness and her coaching experience, she helps people to live their healthy best. Mary can be reached at mary.kuhn@qnityinc.com or 612.202.7937.   Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.