Qnity Ambassador

 Alyssa Cook | Natural Alternatives, Knoxville TN


Hear what Alyssa has to say about Q+A

What I took from Qnity was teamwork. It's about remembering that we are all a team, no matter how different we all are. Instead of always telling ourselves what's in it for ourselves, we do it because we want our whole company to succeed and prosper. We want to see each other be successful and do great work. Asking what's in it for you is insinuating that you don't want anyone else's help either. It goes hand in hand. If your coworkers do great, it makes you do great, because success is contagious, but most of all, happiness is contagious. I feel I would be a great ambassador because I love seeing my coworkers and mentors succeed. I love seeing my coworkers learn something new and congratulating them on good reviews, or a great day. Being able to have the opportunity to celebrate the salons is such an honor. To look at everyone's Tuesday Trackers and 9Grids and brag a little bit on how much we've grown since taking Qnity. We've received so many new clients and being able to leave a great impression on them on their first visit and every visit following is a great first step for all of us to kind of start on a new path. Thank you so much for this oppurtunity. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.