Qnity Ambassador

 Debbie Rodriguez  | Tonya Jones Salon, Alabama


Hear what Debbie has to say about Q+A

What I connected with most from Qnity was the communication aspect. Before attending the training in Nashville my biggest challenge was getting my staff to understand me. Which sometimes was second only to my ability to understand my staff! I live in a very black and white, cut and dry world. I deal in absolutes. I live for research. I am consistent. I need an answer for every question and a solution to every problem. All of these things have always provided me with a sense of security. Imagine my surprise when I took on management of a salon! It almost seemed like conventional wisdom was thrown out the windows at times. And I more than once went through an experience with a team member and told Tonya, “This does not happen in real life.” Or my other catch phrase at the time, “Why don’t you understand that this does not make any kind of sense?” The first time I went through Qnity, a light bulb didn’t just go off—it exploded! No wonder they didn’t understand me! I was the one not making sense; I was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. While I thought I was coming up with different ways to try to get that peg in the hole, I was really trying to get that hole to pretend it was a peg. I feel I would make a good representative within my salon because my team has walked through this process with me, and they know what a big difference it has made for us. We speak the same language the majority of the time. And when I find I’m not speaking their language, I now know how to recognize that and find different ways to coach and support my team. It truly has made a positive impact for our team. Outside of the salon, if there was ever a need for a representative for managers I would be happy to volunteer! I know what a difference it has made for me to be able to run this business, and there have to be other managers like me out there who are being faced with the same struggles.   Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.