Qnity Ambassador

 Brittney Robbins  | Scott J, New York City


Hear what Brittney has to say about Q+A

After the Qnity class, I find that I am better equipped to more effectively organize and cultivate my thought process for an enriched and prosperous future, not only financial gain but in connecting and self-power. Since attending, I am focusing and implementing daily practices with a creative edge and a higher intention. In a short amount of time, I have more control of turning "knowing into doing" and I'm already realizing immediate growth.

Before & After Qnity Results

 42 clients a week to 51 clients a week

$423 a week to $ 1001.50 a week in retail sales

 $4,364 week to $5,549 in service sales

$4,787 a week in $ 6,332.50 in total sales

Those were all my best numbers so far, thanks, love Qnity! Super prosperity for the future!
I'm a big believer that you lead by example. By connecting with team members daily, mentoring in group huddles, engaging one-on-one, and using visual aids or online web-based tools, I feel equips, encourages and helps inspire others to be more engaged. I have grown immensely, both personally and professionally, over the ten years I have been at Scott J.; and I'm a better person as a result. I would love for others to share a similar experience. I want our team to be successful and for other salons to also realize the benefit of the Qnity program. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.