Qnity Ambassador

 Alexa Cutrona  | Carmen!Carmen! Charlotte, NC


Hear what Alexa has to say about Q+A

Prior to attending the Qnity program, our service providers and the front desk staff were experiencing some challenges. The stylists’ were feeling a sense of discouragement when it came to building their business such as add-on services, new clients, and charging the amount their talent is worth. During renovations we were having technical difficulties with our computer systems, and our team was stressed. After attending the Qnity program with seven of my teammates, I felt as though it was just what we needed to lift our teams’ spirit. What I loved about the Q + A program was that it made everything simple. It was exactly what our team needed to show them how to turn their business around and increase their client count. I loved hearing the service providers’ side of Qnity because it helped me understand more of their every day struggles with numbers, and to really see what it takes to buckle down and market yourself. Setting personal and salon goals is exactly what our team needed; simplicity and focus. What I took back from Qnity was the 9 grids and communicating 4x4 ways. The 9 grids gave me a visual and allowed me to be creative. Having a way to map out my ideas in an organized creative way was a blessing for me. Now for the 4X4 ways, communication is key for me. I feel as though communication is the biggest thing that falls through the cracks in our industry. With the 4X4 concept it helps keep everyone included, on time, and in the know! For example, it’s upsetting to hear when a member of our team feels left out because they didn’t get the memo. Something I really want to push in 2015 is communication and teamwork. I know I would be a good representative of Qnity because I love learning and expanding my knowledge. I also enjoy watching my team succeed and grow in more ways than one. Two weeks after participating in the class I saw a significant change in several of our stylists. From product sales to productivity, to helping around the salon, everyone has been playing a part. I hope that with becoming a representative for the Qnity program that I will be able to improve my leadership skills and also myself. I am proud to represent my salon because I am driven to create a positive environment and I truly believe the culture of our business is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle! And I believe that Qnity would play an important role in both! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.