Qnity Ambassador

 Amber Loach  | Nuovo, FL


Hear what Amber has to say about Q+A

At Nuovo, we always stay open minded to new business building opportunities. We've tried quite a few number tracking systems in the past, but nothing has resonated with me quite like Qnity. I often bucked the systems we'd implement, feeling there were too many things to keep track. I found it so overwhelming that I would often be heard saying "I just want to do hair!" Or "I'm a hairstylist, not a salesperson!" Ultimately I would shut down and stop tracking altogether. But that didn't work for me either because I consider myself a goal driven individual. So imagine how excited I was when I realized Qnity is a system that speaks to me as a creative minded businessperson! I find it easy to follow and actually look forward to doing my tuesday trackers!! As an educator, I find tools like QPlans and 9GRIDs easy to use and fun to look at! On a more personal note, Qnitys number tracking has helped me to grow my income to a point where i can solely support my household while my husband builds his own business from scratch.(I will tell you that story tomorrow on the phone!) Most importantly, I have been using Qnitys systems since I was first introduced to it in September. I have never missed a tracker, because I WANT to do them! That is the biggest impact Qnity has had on me. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.