Qnity Ambassador

 Brittany Johnson  | Fusion Spa Salon, FL


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noun am-?ba-s?-d?r, ?m-, im-, -?d?r, -?bas-d?r -

a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity

From the time I started in my career over 8 years ago I knew I was different breed. I wasn't born with much natural talent to cut hair but I figured if I worked hard it and attended education classes that I could do it. But once I realized there was more to this job beside giving a great technical service I changed my focus on to the business side. Ofcourse I wanted to give great service, but I wanted proof that I was giving a great experience. When I was first shown what a Monthly Business Report and how it measured my my performance I WAS HOOKED. I quickly realized that I was the only service provider who understood what it meant or cared to know what it meant. I mean HELLO! dont you want know what your paycheck is going to be? dont you want to double your service sales? dont you want to outsell everyone else around you so that you can be the top sales person for the month? for the year? Apparently not. I realized I had a fascination with beating myself. Better my best. Striving to hit my next benchmark. Going above and beyond where any service in my company had ever been. But why? and why did know one else even care to do that for themselves? That is why I originally got into education, I wanted to help others grow. Give them a better understanding of the business and help them grow their personal business and their personal bank accounts. With education that I have received from Qnity, I feel that I can make an impact on my team and maybe one day on other teams on how to tie in the left brain and the right brain part of this business together. Seeing the results that my team has had, how motivated they were after attending the 2 days in Pensacola, it is just astounding. The program has given us a common language, we are on the same page now. I want to help my team grow their business even more that what we already have have. Since attending Qnity we had a 27% increase in service sale from last Sept and 17% increase in retail and for October we are looking at possible 25% increase from last year. I mean can we talk about focus and engagement. I have been supporting my team in Sandestin everyday since we got back from our 2 day workshop and I just know that this is what I was meant to do. Qnity has given me the support I need in order help educate my team and keep them engaged with their guest and their business as well as focused on what their Qplan tell them. This is everything I have every wanted to develop as a program but just didn't have all the knowledge to back it all up. I want to represent and promote Qnity. I have already seen it do so much in such a short amount of time. I am loving all of the tools(especially the 9 grid, I thought I was addicted to post it notes before this, I am really hooked on "Qsticks" now) Thanks for helping engage my team and giving me the tools that I need to follow through so that I can keep them that way! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.