Qnity Ambassador

 Kaitlynn Holocombe  | Animare Aveda, VA


Hear what Kaitlynn has to say about Q+A

The Q+A program has inspired the leader within me and I can already feel the wheels turning. Keystone habits, such as writing my notecards and viewing my Qplan and 9grids every day, are helping quiet both internal and external noises, keeping me focused and giving me clarity to visualize change. Writing thank you notes every day keeps me on track and has helped me experience a healthy increase in gratitude for the world around me. One of my coworkers and I decided to create a positivity pact to help our salon be a friendlier, more productive environment in line with Qnity’s ideals. I have already seen increased two-number growth and a greater confidence to ask for sales and referrals, seizing opportunities that may have otherwise been missed. Challenge producing change has already become evident, as I have now set a new personal- best in service sales! Being a Qnity Ambassador would keep me focused on remaining a positive role model. I would like to help bridge the gap to unify the two locations by becoming the ambassador for Animare Aveda in Hampton. I believe I can explain the use of all the tools in a way that is engaging and genuine, making 2NG more tangible for my coworkers. Because I am balanced between left and right brained, I am able to keep coaching simple and direct. By identifying areas for pruning and using 9grids, I am able to assist our salon owners devising systems to make Qnity work in a consistent, streamlined way within the salon. “The only person you need to measure up against is the person you have the potential to become.” –Michael Berg. Every so often I look back and at a month, a season, a year, and take pride in my own personal achievements. I remember peering up at my mentors in amazement, wondering how to get to the level at which they were. I began setting small, achievable goals for myself. In no time I was surpassing them. This is why I love two of the ideas Qnity has presented me with: small steps and “Me vs. Me”. I created a worksheet a few months ago to help my coworkers understand the math behind setting goals from a financial standpoint. If all of my coworkers can improve their prosperity, as a salon, I believe we will thrive and the culture in part, relies on that. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.