Qnity Ambassador

 Keighley Voorheis  | Namaste, Colorado


Hear what Keighley has to say about Q+A

I attended the Qnity Q&A program in Denver, CO in 2014. What really connected for me at this seminar was the unique set of tools that Qnity provides for professionals in the beauty industry to be able to measure growth. As a salon manager, the Qnity tools are priceless! They are simple enough to be understood universally by the diverse demographic that makes up beauty industry professionals. To be able to use simple methods and coaching tools that resonate with creative and technically-inclined workers alike is very helpful. Because Qnity's tools (such as the Tuesday Tracker) simplify industry benchmarks, service providers are able to set attainable goals and achieve small wins on a weekly basis. This contributes to the success of the service provider and the salon as a whole! I would love to be a Qnity Ambassador because I fully understand and subscribe to the Qnity methods and tools. I love helping creative employees who don't naturally have a good understanding of sales and tracking to gain clarity when it comes to benchmarking and other aspects of the beauty industry that are geared toward numbers. Whether it's mind-mapping with 9grids to problem-solve or acknowledging small wins in tuesday tracking, I am already immersed in Qnity's coaching tools, the next step is to become a Qnity Ambassador! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.