Qnity Ambassador

 Margaret Franks  | Tonya Jones Salons, AL


Hear what Margaret has to say about Q+A

I enjoyed understanding the whole process of how we as leaders and service providers can have both left and right brains. I liked the easy concept of how we can be artistic but also focus on how to be better at our jobs and love what we do. It especially connected for me because I believe I am unique in the fact that I am a manager who also happens to be a more dominant right brainer. It seems more rare as a management staff member because it helps me connect with my staff even more than just numbers, discipline, or money. I believe that I would make a good representative at my salon as a Qnity ambassador because of my knowledge and love for Aveda as a brand that has purpose and a mission as well as for my particular local salon that I represent to take care of people and give them the best customer service they can get from people that also appreciate them! I believe that my drive for increasing client count and average ticket for every salon member as well as the salon as a whole. If you give someone quality service at my salon, your numbers grow easily and I believe if I get the opportunity to be a Qnity Ambassador, I will be able to lead others to grow individually and focus smarter on the right things. I want my team and company to grow because my team deserves to, and my owner deserves to. I believe that Qnity is fairy dust to this industry and I want to help spread the fairy dust love! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.