Qnity Ambassador

 Kippin Herring  | Davanti Salon Spa, Denton TX


Hear what Kippin has to say about Q+A

I attended Qnity + Aveda March 22-­23 in Dallas. I have never left a class feeling more empowered and more motivated to take charge and transform, not only my career, but to be able to build up and celebrate my team members in their successes as well. Qnity opened my eyes to a new way of seeing my books and helped me to better understand the importance of the numbers side of my business. I always knew how important the experience my guest received while in my chair was to building and growing my business, but Qnity really connected the heart and the mind for me. Already, in this first week back in the salon, I have seen so much passion and small wins ­ not just personally but from my whole team. So many aspects of the class encouraged, motivated, and awakened a new sense of drive in me, but I believe one word stuck out more than any: Intrapreneur. A huge light bulb just went off in my head when I heard that word. I always knew that as a stylist I owned what happened in my chair, but I never really looked at it from the perspective of being a business within a business. Yes, I am creative and I know how to wow my guests with the ultimate experience, but what I was lacking was the mindset of taking ownership of the business side of my space.I think as stylists we assume that its our owners that should be the ones worrying about the numbers, and we are just here to do hair. It’s so much more than that. Qnity made me realize that by taking accountability for my professional growth, I am not only able to see incredible personal growth, but I am able to see the salon and the people around me flourish and grow to amazing new heights as well. Over the past week in the salon I have noticed some of our senior stylists who have been in the industry for 15+ years become instantly more motivated and come rushing up to me sharing their excitement of each small win. To me, those moments are not just small wins. They are enormous wins, not only them personally but for the entire team. Since attending Qnity, Davanti has experienced a huge shift in everyday morale and teamwork. Stylists who used to come to work just to do hair now come to work to grow and achieve personal goals. Being a part of the Qnity Ambassador Community is something I would truly love to be a part of so that Davanti as a team is able to stay strongly rooted in the Qnity way of life. I will be a great representative of Qnity in my salon because in only a week I can see how much it is transforming every one personally and as a team. I want the excitement of this first week to never fade and do everything I can to build up my team and encourage them to grow beyond their wildest expectations. I am looking forward to continuing my personal growth, the growth of each individual team member and the growth of Davanti by using all the tools given to us by Qnity. I look forward to being an Ambassador so that Davanti can stay as connected as possible to Qnity + Aveda. I cannot wait to start sharing my teams growth with everyone. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.