Qnity Ambassador

 Kat Fischer Planet Labs, Colorado


Hear what Kat has to say about Q+A

Even though I only took the Qnity class in December, I feel as though the program has already made such a huge impact on my career and my life. The biggest idea that I have taken to heart is “FOCUS”. Before Qnity, I was always so overwhelmed with tracking my numbers (there were too many!), planning my day, reaching out to my guests, selling so many products with new things coming out all the time, giving my guests the experience they deserve, and (of course) making my manager happy. There was just too much going on, and, quite frankly, my numbers suffered slightly from this. Focus also means 'simplify' to me. Having small goals, only a few numbers to track, and focusing on a new thing each week with my guests has really helped me! I absolutely love the Tuesday Tracker Sheets because it is an EASY and SIMPLE way to see how I am doing. I don't have to spend much time on it and the math is all right there for me. I can quickly tell where I have improved and what I might need to focus on for the next week. Since Qnity, I have reached my 17% growth for all of January and February and am on my way to reaching this for March as well! I love my team of stylists at Planet Laboratories, I believe in them and I want to see us all succeed. I feel that I would be a good representative for Qnity at my salon because I also believe in this program. It is simple and easy to use once it becomes part of the daily/weekly routine. I've already been lucky enough to help a few other stylists with their trackers and to offer support on their Qplans. I love being able to show them how simple it really is. It's so much fun to see them realize how good they are doing! Sometimes we get so hard on ourselves when it is a “slow” week or our retail just isn't where we want it, but by showing the stylists that just by having small changes, or small wins in other areas, they can really make a difference in their growth. I want to be able to set an example for my team by showing them that all of the Qnity tools really do work. I do my tracker every single week, and I have my Qplan on my mirror.In planning for other events, including our Earth Month fundraiser, I've also encouraged and used my 9grids. Every part of the program has made an impact on my career, helped me to reach my smaller goals, and improved my organization skills. As a representative, I will make sure to be present as another support “tool”. As I said, I love my team and I feel like we are such a close group. Being able to listen to their concerns and offer help for their growth is really exciting to me! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.