Qnity Ambassador

 Maddie Werthman  | Veda Salons, Colorado


Hear what Maddie has to say about Q+A

Before & After Q+A

13 clients a week to 19 clients a weeks

$66 a week to $298 a week in retail sales

$330 a week to $813 a week in service sales

$396 a week to $1,111 it total sales

What connected for me at Qnity was it allowed me to put my business into a numbers perspective. As I was taking the course, I was already setting goals that I thought would never be possible. Qnity showed me that they were! Each week I am excited to see my numbers, growth, and over all my continued education to build my business. Qnity not only increased my passion for doing hair, but also my passion for encouraging others to build their business. When we say earn more money, do what you love, and have a life, all of those apply to me. All of those drove me to become an ambassador for Qnity! I feel I would be a good representative for Qnity at Veda because, I am very passionate on Qnity and the possibilities it allows each and everyone of us to have. I think I would be a great ambassador for my salon because I know all of my coworkers have the tools to build their business but need a little help and guidance to achieve things they never thought they could. Our owner Carrie is one of the lead educators for Qnity and while she was teaching, I saw her passion and belief in what Qnity can offer us as a salon. I want to show my coworkers that they can have that same passion and belief for themselves as Carrie does. My excitement for Qnity grows tremendously every day by going through this process, using all of the tools, and connecting to community. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.