Qnity Ambassador

 Christina Moutzalias | The Spa at Folawn's, San Antonio, TX


Hear what Christina has to say about Q+A

Being a primarily left-brained person in a right-brained dominated industry sometimes has its perks and going through the Qnity program help me see why. Three main things connected for me with Qnity. The first, is measure. Second, is the 3 Cs. Third, was applying the 8 seasons. The measure module put how to look at my numbers into perspective. I realized I was looking at too many numbers and measuring too many things, I was unable to hold myself accountable to each of these because I could barely remember what I was measuring. By narrowing down what numbers I track, I am now able to use the Tuesday Tracker as a tool to see where my opportunities are. Since taking Qnity, over a 5 week period, my total sales have grown 39% from my baseline. My client count has seen a 28% average growth and my average ticket has grown 11%. From this, I am able to focus on my goals from my Q Plan and grow my average ticket by customizing each client every time. My goal is to add Botanical Therapy treatments to 75% of my color guests and I am tracking this for an eight week period on a 9-Grid. The 3 C’s (Closure+ Clarity= Confidence) resonated with me because I realized it is important to have all three of those. I am one of those stylists that will go home thinking about a color formula that didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped and think about it all night, losing sleep. The 3 C’s help me with these incidents because now to get closure I find clarity by discussing it with another stylist and deciding another formula I could have done or how to fix it if it happens with another guest. This gives me confidence to know that next time, and there is always a next time, I will know what to do and have the confidence to do it. I really liked the simple way the calendar was broken down into 8 seasons. This shows that you will see each of your guests in each of the seasons, so it is a great way to customize their service each and every time. By using the 3 seasons worksheet, I am able to identify goals for the season, seasonal opportunities (Spring=lighter hair), holidays (Easter, Spring Break, Prom, Mothers Day), local events (Rodeo, Fiesta), and trends (balayage, baby lights, down-dos). As well, as identity key dates for myself in and out of the salon. This gives me the chance to plan my season and be aware of what is happening in my community, salon, and personal life. I feel I would be a good Qnity representative at The Spa @ Folawn’s because I bring a “numbers brain” to a group of people who would rather not calculate percentages and find missed opportunities within them. I hope to help people find areas where they are growing and opportunities for growth. I want to celebrate the wins with them, small and large. I also hope to focus on the seasonal calendar with my team and together find ways we can customize services for the season, cross-promote other departments, and just create hype among key events in the season. Working with my teammate and fellow Qnity ambassador, we want to keep Qnity fresh, fun, and alive at our salon by taking 5-10 minutes at our monthly meeting for Qnity updates and focuses. I would also like to see everyone connecting with their accountability partner weekly and to know that they can come to me with questions or concerns, or if they need to get excited about Qnity again. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.