Qnity Ambassador

 Chance Stephens | Ihloff Salon and Spa, Oklahoma


Hear what Chance has to say about Q+A

What really connected me to Qnity was the reaction from my fellow stylists. Working with the interns has been a challenge in many ways. On one side it is work and on the other side I really want it to be enjoyable. I can't remember ever going to any class with my fellow stylists where I saw such excitement. I came to a conclusion that I wasn't going anywhere and if I was going to be here (the salon) I wanted to work in a positive environment. I have never worked so closely with women, I have always worked with men, before starting here I had been in the military and a snowboard instructor. Men I think by nature tend to be a little more left brained, and I myself lean left. It has been a true struggle for me to work so closely with right brainers. Seeing their excitement and reactions to qnity was amazing, especially when I have tried so hard on my side to get any excitement out of them. I am a master stylist who until I had two large surgeries was also a lot busier. I lost some clientele which was very discouraging but since qnity have gained quite a few clients within just two weeks! So all around I think everything about qnity was wonderful. I feel that I would be a good representative in the salon because I am a great team player. I truly want to better all of the stylists. Being a master stylist I am high enough up that I don't believe I will be so focused on myself that I can't help others. Being the intern leader I am already in a position to lead others, and I can teach interns before they get out to the floor, give them a running start! I know we will be here for a while and I would love to work somewhere where people are busy, happy, and positive! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.