Qnity Ambassador

Erin Best-Evans | Animare Aveda | Virginia


Hear what Erin has to say about Q+A

After being in the business for 17 years, Qnity is exactly what I needed to reignite my passion. My moto has always been "work smarter not harder", and Qnity has helped me stick to this. I have really tried to maximize the time I have with each guest. I also make sure I am aware of gaps in my day to know where my free time is. I make my guests future appointment a topic of conversation, so they know exactly what we will be performing. I use this conversation as a tool to introduce a new service idea, and this has been working great! Most of my coworkers feel comfortable coming to me for advice. I hear, " I want to be like Erin when I grow up"! As flattering as that is I always tell them, the steps it has taken me to get there are over 17 years. Doing the Tuesday tracker has been fun! I like for the rest of the team to see my numbers because it puts a fire inside of them. I let them know that I am even shocked with my growth, when I thought I was topped out. So the team sees there is always room for growth!

Growth from four weeks of Qnity in action:

Client count:                               27 to 29 Retail sales:                                 $365 to $450 Service:                                       $2243 to $3003.25 Total sales:                                  $2608 to $3453.38 Average Ticket:                         $98.77 to $122.75

I am so grateful for the opportunity to incorporate Qnity in to my life! It has been game changing for me in both my personal and professional life. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.