Qnity Ambassador

 Ashley Kayler | Carmen! Carmen!| Charlotte, NC

Ashley-Kayler Ashley is pictured on right

Hear what Ashley has to say about Q+A

Nothing is more fun than being a stylist. I go to work everyday ready to play and excited about doing hair. Along with having a passion for education. I came to work for Carmen Carmen 10 years ago. The amazing education program is what drew me there. I am now a member of the Artist Team and am inspiring my teammates to learn and grow in their lives and business. Along with continuing to grow myself Since attending Qnity I have learned to take a step back and take a more simple approach. I use my Qplan daily. It refocuses me and has really helped me grow my numbers. Which has really made Tuesday's tracking FUN !! As much as I love education and the creative side of being a stylist, I was falling short in my retail. Which came down to me not being engaged enough with my guest. It made a huge difference using the 4x4 ways strategies. Helping my teammates grow in their business and personal lives is very important. I love seeing every one succeed. Knowing that our jobs are more than just being a creative artist and that using our whole brains will help us all to grow to our fullest potential. Having grained all this knowledge from Qnity I will be continuing to encourage myself and coworkers to use our whole brains and truly maximize our lives in every way professional and personally!


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