Qnity Ambassador

Alyssa Cantoni | Scott J Salons | New York, NY


Hear what Alyssa has to say about Q+A

Qnity connected for me in more than just a few ways. The most impact it had on me was "going from knowing to doing", the Engage module, Two Number Growth and Tracking, and generally just awakening my sense of ownership for my business. Before Qnity, I had been doing hair for almost 12 years, 6 of which at my current salon. "Complacent" doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of my feelings towards work. I always knew what was the proper way to complete each and every service with my guests from greeting to closing, I just didn't do it. I justified all my actions by saying things like "my clients like that I don't push products on them", or "my haircuts are good quality, and that's all that matters." Qnity opened my eyes to all the opportunities, and money, I was missing by doing the bare minimum with my clients. Engagement also had become difficult for me, and not just with my guests, but with my peers at work. I had really isolated myself after a very difficult year and a half in my personal life, and it had permeated into my career. I made it a point to listen to my coworkers and guests more, and think and talk about my own problems less. Finally, Two Number Growth and Tracking is where I think I made the most visible progress. I love being able to see the growth in my numbers. Tracking weekly and focusing only on small steps made making more money seem positively easy. I have finally learned to let go of what I think may be going on in my guests wallet, and just ask for the sale. It was hard at first to step out of my comfort zone, and I was afraid I would lose some guests if I changed my approach, but now it is easy. I want to set an example for how financially and emotionally rewarding it can really be at my salon. I'm proud of where work and I want to help others hold themselves accountable. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.