Qnity Ambassador

Melody | Davanti Salon | Denton, TX


Hear what Melody has to say about Q+A

I have had the opportunity & privilege, over the course of my career, to attend a number of training courses. From 4mat and INYU training to Serious Business and Benchmarking classes with AVEDA & Neill Corp. All have had incredible take-aways. All provided the insight and methods to growing our business in all categories. With that said, it was Qnity that took me “FROM KNOWING TO DOING”! Qnity provided the tools necessary to allow for personal accountability across every level within my salon. A way to reward and recognize the entire team, from Guest Services to Stylists and Spa Specialists. So often after leaving similar training programs, I was was left ready and eager to implement what I learned but needed to create the tools for it. Qnity sent me home with everything I needed! The part that stands out for me was that our team was eager to track 2 Number Growth with the Tuesday Tracker. By keeping it simple and personal, they became excited to see their numbers on Tuesdays. I want you to keep in mind that for years these 2 numbers were tracked for them and posted weekly along with other benchmarks such as % of color transactions and trackable referrals. I truly believe that is was the left brained approach and the tools that Qnity provided that allowed the perspective to shift. They saw that by being accountable, not to me as the manager, but to THEMSELVES and their own personal successes and in turn their ability to live a happier life OUTSIDE of the salon, they were able to celebrate small wins and see every ounce of growth was something to be proud of! I want to be an ambassador for the Qnity program as a manager because this truly was the first time I walked away from a training program ready AND ABLE to begin implementing what I learned right away. I want to learn as much as possible and keep the energy around Qnity growing. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.