Qnity Ambassador

Amy Czwornog | Namaste Salon | Wheaton, IL


Hear what Amy has to say about Q+A

"Pay attention and everything matters"

Qnity has given me the tools I need to expand my horizons to not only see myself as a stylist but also as a business professional. The journey of reinventing ourselves in our industry is crucial to become and consistently stay successful. I have loved all of the avenues that this industry has taken me, including 14 years of behind the chair work as well as using my Cosmetology teaching license to educate new and seasoned stylists. What makes a "happy stylist"? Loving what we do and making the living we deserve is a reality that we can have in our industry. I always knew there had to be a way to support myself and my daughter by doing what I love. That thought and hope was confirmed with Qnity. With the tools that Qnity has given me, I know everyday is an opportunity to grow my business. I have seen so many stylists including myself, feel bad or shy to grow their business by asking their guests to purchase product, prebook their next appointment and to refer other guests into them. Qnity's Focus QPlan has made such an impact on my business and thought process. To be a "happy stylist" I use these Qnity Focus Success Principles: Simple, Visual, Small steps, Structure, and Doing. These are amazing techniques that we can use to really believe and live by the "less is more" rule. This to me was the key to no longer feeling bad or shy to guide my guests to providing them the best experience from beginning to end and also keep them coming back. It would be an honor to be a Qnity Ambassador for my salon. My strong point is consistently meeting my benchmark goals while continuing to push myself. I have enjoyed coaching my team on consultation classes and increasing and reaching all of their benchmarks. My passion is to help others grow into their full potential as stylists and with Qnity the sky is the limit. Being able to motivate my team with tracking and increasing their sales by 17% as well as plan ahead with the 8 Seasons is what I would be committed to. Having been an educator for 4 years, I have seen the look of accomplishment on a students face when a goal is reached. The journey to success is what it is all about and it will keep us all "happy stylists". "To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart." -Thomas Watson, Sr. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.