Qnity Ambassador

Stacy Moore | Craig Berns Salon | Delafield, WI


Hear what Stacy has to say about Q+A

I consider myself extremely lucky because I am able to say that I love my job. I have been at hairstylist with Craig Berns Salon Spa for the past eight years. The amazing leaders, and wonderful group of talented stylists and technicians have become my second family. Attending Qnity reaffirmed my love for the industry. It has made me refocus on what is the most important part of my job, and that is making people feel and look good. I find myself more connected with my guests than ever by simply being a better listener and really living in the moment with each one of them. I have embraced the lost art of hand written cards. I am sending them out every week to guests that have made a recent change, or to simply let them know that I appreciate them and the feedback has been very positive. Measuring my success by simplifying into the two number growth has also made a huge impact for me. Before Qnity I was measuring too much, and would become so overwhelmed by all of the information that it became discouraging. Tracking my client count and average ticket each week has made it much more attainable to reach my goals. While filling out my Tuesday Tracker, I am now encouraged. I celebrate my successes and make note of what areas I need to refocus on for the week ahead. I take pride in being a mentor to not only our newer talent, but our other team members as well. I am there to problem solve challenges with a 9 Grid, and to celebrate their small wins and successes each day. Qnity has shown me that there is always room for growth. It has given me the tools I need to make my 17% challenge, and help my team members reach theirs as well. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.