Qnity Ambassador

Stephanie Tack | Neroli | Milwaukee, WI


Hear what Stephanie has to say about Q+A

I am constantly trying to bridge the gap between the creative side and the business side of the industry. I grew up in a salon but went to college and got my degree in Economics and Business Management. After managing salons, I decided to get my education in Cosmetology. I feel so fortunate to be able to live in both worlds, creative and business. Qnity really hit home on many levels for me. My trap was measuring too much and measuring the wrong things. I previously tracked seven numbers daily. At times it would get overwhelming and I didn’t really know where to start or where to go. By making it simple and only tracking two numbers weekly, it has given me more of a focus and direction. Now it's not just about trying hard and getting lucky. I have a goal of 17% and check my QPlan every day to refocus and clarify exactly where I am going and what are my action steps. As a mentor and an educator in the salon, I am trying to teach new stylists all aspects of the business. Whether it's cut, color or retail, building good habits is my priority for our new talent.  But after years of teaching new people the skills of the salon, I can sometimes myself get complacent. You get to know your guests so well that you go on autopilot. Going from knowing to doing gets me more engaged with my guests and helps me to ensure a great experience for them. I am excited to represent Qnity in the salon because this program can speak to everyone, right or left brain. Qnity gives you clear action steps and behaviors to build your business. Coaching with the QPlan and 9Grid will help everyone feel empowered. I feel so fortunate to help my coworkers and myself work towards prosperity. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.