Qnity Ambassador

Marissa Dean | Nuovo Salon Group |Sarasota, FL


Hear what Marissa has to say about Q+A

I loved how simple Qnity is. How it showed you how to use both sides of the brain. The creative aspect of using visuals to help you determine ways to achieve your goals. Using the Tuesday trackers to keep you on track of where you truly are and where you want to go. Almost like keeping a weekly journal of how you are doing and how you can refine each working day. I have a passon for not only hair but for people. I enjoy the people I work with and want to see them achieve success in their own business. I know that there are times when we get discouraged and we see things as big fails. I want to help my fellow teammates that every journey has to start somewhere and that there will be days when its tough but we can take that and work it to our advantage. Making goals that are achievable but still challenging to help us grow and understand our potential. I feel that I can be that guiding light for my fellow teammates and they know that I'm here to help them with questions or concerns and also be their biggest cheerleader. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.