Qnity Ambassador

Ja'Net Shawnee-Rea |The Spa @ Folawn's |San Antonio, TX


Hear what Jan'et has to say about Q+A

I really connected with Qnity’s 3 C’s: Clarity, Closure, and Confidence. Before I began working at The Spa @ Folawn’s, I was a solo-massage and polarity therapy practitioner. I wanted to offer my clients more in their sessions, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. Then, there was Qnity! I love using my whole brain to tackle challenges and I typically love making lists, but the QPlan became a quick favorite for me. Since attending Qnity my focus on 2 number growth has shown strength in increasing my client count. Before Qnity, I was already pretty good a preparing and following up with clients and celebrating client success in range of motion, breath work, and how they move in their bodies. After Qnity, client preparation and follow up now focuses on previous purchases, feedback on wellness suggestions, and advising what other salon and spa services might be helpful based on how they want to feel in their minds and bodies. Engaging from the heart in a more well-rounded way also teaches me about the reciprocal relationship we have to our clients. They teach me the importance of regular self-care and I teach them how to be firm, yet gentle with themselves on the wellness path. I truly am passionate about helping others find the silver linings in life. We all love what we do as practitioners, however, it’s easy to feel cut off and isolated without a peer associated group. In private practice, I had a fellow lifestyle practitioner with whom I checked in every two weeks to discuss whether or not we’d met our previous goals, if we’d found a better approach to those goals, etc. Having a co-pilot on the same wavelength for me is equally important as having a mentor in your field. I noticed I automatically stepped up my game and firmly got into the driver’s seat to clarify my direction and I looked forward to the phone calls once I became more accountable to myself. Q+A is a phenomenally empowering set of tools which dismantle fear. We all get fearful or discouraged at times, but when like-minded individuals are involved, magic happens! Being a Qnity Ambassador to me means being a catalyst for other service providers to live their truth both personally and professionally. I naturally like to extend encouragement to others, as I appreciate it when someone else has been there to uplift me, too. I’m not always fluffy bunnies and rainbows, but I see how fundamentally interdependent we are for successfully living our art and sharing happiness. When we can help our team members most by being honest about our challenges as well as our successes, our clients benefit the most. Our salons get this buzzing tangibility that clients can’t resist and is absolutely contagious! Qnity Ambassadors share powerful bonds as catalysts and to surf those seasonal waves with clarity, closure, and confidence helps us go the distance and exceed our personal and professional goals. I’m excited to be part of such a great community! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.