Qnity Ambassador

Josie Henningfeld |Jasmine's |Milwaukee, WI


Hear what Josie has to say about Q+A

As a relatively new stylist I feel so lucky to have experience Qnity so early in my career. It simply reminds us that we already possess what we need to be a successful in this industry, it’s the act of going from knowing to doing that matters. Qnity is there to offer the tools necessary to help make achieving our business goals a reality. Simplicity is much needed in today's world, and with tools like our 9 grids and Q plans we are able to clearly track our successes on the business side of things without getting overwhelmed and bogged down by numbers. To me the Qnity program embodied so many lessons that were universal. I got into this industry because I saw an opportunity to bring out people’s inner beauty. I love getting to know each and every guest that sits in my chair and I hope to offer them more than just a haircut. I hope they leave with a better sense of self and some education on their style. Qnity has reminded me that by connecting with your guest on a personal level, sending them personal notes, celebrating their small wins, your business will grow. Being a Qnity ambassador for my salon is an opportunity to help my team grow. I thrive off of helping others help themselves, and I know with the help of Qnity, our salon can continue to grow and expand beyond measures. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.