Qnity Ambassador

Deron Edwards |Civello Salon |Chicago, IL


Hear what Deron has to say about Q+A

My biggest connect at qnity was the visual aspect. When we made our first Qplans, I tried to have fun with it but still be thoughtful, not realizing just how telling my Qplan would be. My first tile was a picture of a big green "Go" sign. That particular tile is now the first thing that pops into my head when I wake up in the morning. Where I used to abuse the snooze button, now I am up and motivated to attack my day! More generally, while I've always been comfortable with the ideas of rebooking, retention, guest count etc, I'll admit I find it difficult to be conscious of them all at the same time. I love how qnity brings those concepts together in such a simple and approachable way. It's gives the technician so much power to gauge their progress and really feel a sense of control and accomplishment. I want to become a qnity ambassador because I believe as a hairdresser its so easy to become overwhelmed by the numbers. When you get a review and it's broken down into tiny components that feel outside of our day to day awareness, it's hard not to feel like your success is beyond your control. I want to be an ambassador to help my fellow technicians take ownership of their business! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.