Qnity Ambassador

Kristi Cain |Inspire |Longmont, CO


Hear what Kristi has to say about Q+A

Qnity has helped me a lot! When I went to Qnity in November I was seeing about 38 guests a week. I was working so hard and I was so tired. I could not think of anything else I could do to make more money to help support my family, other than seeing more people per week. After Qnity I was so inspired by everything I learned. I decided to cut my client count, that way I could give my guests a quality service. Now that I have extended my times back to normal I have started to work smarter not harder. Now, I am only seeing about 30 guests a week and I have brought my average ticket up from $74.67 to $93.36! I have seen an increase in my pay and I am not as tired. Now my guests are happier and so am I. I have also been using Qnity in my own personal life. I have been closing doors that need to be closed. I have been celebrating small wins and taking one step at a time. I have found that the 9 grids are the most helpful for me. I even have my husband using them! I feel that by being able to see my numbers and track them, I have been able to compete with myself better. Now I see where I can use improvement. I see the potential in my co-workers to be better everyday, just like I strive to be. I know that a lot of my co-workers look to me as a role model in the salon and this gives me the tools to help them more. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.