Qnity Ambassador

Chelsea Wright |Maggie's |Pembroke Pines, FL


Hear Chelsea's Story

My journey as a Stylist has been mostly working harder not smarter. As a junior stylist my goals were simple: get at least one person in my chair each day and don’t screw up. These were relatively easy goals to achieve. So I floated along as happy as can be. Even after a couple years I was still in love with my job, it was easy, I had another butt in my chair, sometimes even a repeat tush. I should say though, I have encountered some of the strongest and most beautiful women I know; I am proud and grateful they choose me for their hair care needs. After starting a family, I realized there could be deeper purpose in life and now I had a glimpse of what it felt like. It felt good, it felt great, no it felt amazing! I began to desire more purpose here, there and everywhere. I am fortunate to work for a very smart and dedicated owner, who decided to introduce us into the Qnity culture. BAM! Just like that there was the purpose I was looking for. The two day class was mind blowing. It made me search deep inside to identify dreams, aspirations and goals. Qnity gave me the tools to fuel that new motivation making all my dreams reality.  No more working harder and longer, Qnity has helped me to start working smarter! As a left brained numbers girl, the charts and formulas were heaven; but stepping outside of my comfort zone to embrace my creative side was where I experienced unexpected growth.  Using inspirational stickers and coloring, my goals and numbers are more exciting. I am a more confident stylist and business woman; my clients have more respect for me and my numbers are showing.  I am proud to say that my salon has been very successful embracing the new culture. Tracking their numbers has become part of the routine. I get fired up when I make a new 9grid or start a New Tuesday tracker as long as I am dreaming big. I care so much for my team and my salon’s growth. That is why I am thrilled to become a Qnity Ambassador. I found more purpose and more passion. I encourage my colleagues to always dream big, and I will do anything and everything to help them achieve all their goals. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.