Qnity Ambassador

Lindsey Wiegle |Nuovo Salon Group |Cooper Creek, FL


Hear from Lindsay!

Although many things connected with me at Qnity, my main ah-ha moment came when we started discussing right brain vs left brain. Being in the industry that I am I always assumed I was right brained. However I was surprised to learn I was more left brained. When we were told to find a partner to discuss what we had learned about ourselves I met Kathy. Kathy started describing herself as right brained, saying how she was spontaneous, loves open ended questions, and is more of a visual learner. While Kathy was describing herself I was thinking to myself that I am almost completely opposite. I like having plans, being overly organized, and I am defiantly a list maker. I think that is why I also gravitated towards the 9-grid. The 9-grid is perfect to me because you have multiple ways on how you can use it. I tend to go towards the mind map. Weather is is for work or everyday life it is always helpful. I feel as though I would be a good Ambassador not only to keep my co-workers at Cooper Creek motivated but to also keep myself motivated. I get extremely frustrated with myself when I am not doing well, so in keeping other motivated with everything I know I will remain positive and not put myself down. Also while talking with everyone I will be able to see what methods work for them and maybe apply it to the way I work. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.