Qnity Ambassador

Eileen Vaniwaarden |Coiffeteria |East Grand Rapids, MI


Hear from Eileen!

The first thing that really connected for me during Qnity was that even though I was busy and feeling relatively fulfilled at work, there was so much more I could be doing to really grow and prosper. Setting measurable goals and really organizing my life had fallen by the wayside and I was feeling a little uninspired in my daily life. Qnity gave me all the tools I needed to become more whole brained and really start to grow my business and my happiness. One of the biggest changes I've noticed for myself since Q&A Chicago has honestly been the money! Obviously being around that many inspiring people for the weekend will ignite a fire within you to go out and kill it. But the continued support of my Qmunity has helped keep me inspired every single day to not only meet but regularly exceed my goals. I am finally able to live more of the lifestyle I want to live and it's only getting better! I also find my engagement level much higher after Q&A. This has been a really awesome part of the program for me because I'm actually feeling energized and satisfied after a long day of work. Being more engaged with my guests and those around me is really helping me to make a deeper connection and be able to provide people with what they really need most. Knowing that I'm putting that much love and attention into what I do has really helped me feel so much more fulfilled in my career and my life. I am really looking forward to setting a great example of how much fun life can be when you use the Qnity tools to get organized and go from knowing to doing. Inspiring my team to be the best they possibly can in work and life will be such a joy and as we grow, it will only get better for all of us. So, armed with a positive attitude and our Qnity toolkits, here at Coiffeteria the sky is the limit! Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.