Qnity Ambassador

Bailey Petersen |Bella Toccare |Brecksville, Ohio


Hear from Bailey!

What really connected for me at Qnity was thinking about how making money, having a life, and loving what I do are all things that I wanted, not just one! I feel that the tools that were given to me have already started helping me to achieve those goals. The 17% challenge was an excellent way to build up my numbers. I found it to be quite easy to apply right after I left the seminar and have already seen my numbers grow more and more each week, helping me to make money, have a life, and love what I do! I was always a little timid when it came to add-ons and product sales because I never wanted to seem pushy or like I'm just trying to make the sale. I made it a point to start talking about what the clients need are while doing the service and suggest things that I know can help them whether it be another service or a product. I want the client to know that they can trust me and that I really am out for their best interest because I'm proud of my work and the results that come from it. I feel that what I learned from Qnity is something that everyone should experience. I am more than willing to be the person to help my teammates grow with me. I like coming up with ideas that can be fun and easy to apply. Some of the girls that went to Qnity with me have already come to me with ways we can help each other and others in the salon. It's fun to see our numbers grow together, it creates a really positive work environment. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.