Qnity Ambassador

Jacquelyn Crabtree |Strands Salons & Spas |Sacramento, CA


Hear Jacquie's story!

Qnity has been an amazing program for my team and has actually shown instant results! As a salon owner, I started out my Qnity journey attending the first 2-day workshop in San Francisco by myself because I wanted to see what the program entailed. I was truly blown away by the tools and visual aids of this unique and easy program. Tom Kuhn has developed something so different than I’ve ever seen before and it is truly SMART!! I came back so excited and inspired to share this unique opportunity with my team once they, too, attended Qnity. At the next availability, I took the teams from my 3 locations to experience the amazing Jodi Omaha who was our educator for the next 2 days and even attended it myself again. It was truly a gift to watch my team get excited and gain a sense of ownership for THEIR career! Since we have been back from the training I have seen my team engaged in using their Tuesday tracker, post on the 17% challenge Facebook page and working their QPlan. I am about to do reviews and can’t wait to use these tools to help them reach their dreams. I also love that I took pictures of the 9 Grids as a point of reference to remind them of the behaviors that will help them reach their goals. The 4X4 has been very helpful in their home care success as well. For me, as an owner, it just makes my heart sing seeing them care about THEIR career! I only want them all to succeed and have prosperity in all areas of their lives. I love that I can help give them the platform to make their dreams a reality, as well as the whole QNITY community, which they are now a part. It is truly an amazing, visual, easy, attainable program with simple steps to take each week to help them and myself not get overwhelmed. How has it helped me as an owner and for me personally?? Well, I am seeing my team grow and even my top producers have grown when they thought there wasn’t any room to grow. I have an amazing salon Ambassador Roy Guira who is driven, motivated and funny! On my first QPLAN with the program I have reached three of the goals. We bought a new house, have been moving through life much calmer and made amends with my sister! THANK YOU QNITY!!!! Can’t wait to see where we all are in just another 13 weeks!

Much love and gratitude.

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