Qnity Ambassador

Daniel Alexander |DanTera Salon & Spas |Athens, AL


Hear Daniel's story!

Qnity interested me from the first moment I heard about it. And after attending the 2-day Q+A Workshop in Birmingham, AL, I realized why it had interested me so much. During my first 15 years in the salon I focused on growing my business and growing those around me. My passion was coaching and mentoring talent to the next level. My wife and I worked very close together and were able to make some big accomplishments. Then along came my son. This was the greatest thing to ever happen to us as a family. So over the past 5 years I have tried to balance career and family. In doing so, I began to lose focus on my passion. My career became more singular and less dynamic. My ATM was spent on whatever was pressing at the moment, and that could change every moment. My mind was cloudy, goals obscure, and direction lost. My internal self was not happy despite my outward appearance. And then there was Qnity. From the moment Tom began to speak I knew that things were about to change. The very first module, FOCUS, stated something that at one time I lived by. “The reason many people don’t achieve their goals is because the final result is not clear in their mind.” – Dan Sullivan. Being raised in a family where everyone at some point or another served in the military, this philosophy was part of life. The Art of War by Sun Tzo was where I had first heard this statement although slightly different. And this is what solidified my connection with Qnity. I remembered that you cannot fight a war in order to win it. You have to first win the battle in order to fight it. I have to keep the end clear in mind in order to achieve my goals. Once I was able to identify the need for clarity of focus I also began to see how complicated I had made things because of losing that clarity. Over the remainder of the day, step by step, I began to identify more and more that needed to change. To regain my clarity there were a few things that needed closure, and the 9Grid gave me a simple tool to do it. Being able to look at a 2 numbers instead of an exhaustive spreadsheet gave me confidence that I can now set a path that will bring myself and my team back into focus. I can even use a 9Grid in our educational program. Now instead of a 40+ page manual, we can use 3 9Grids to teach it all. I feel like now I have a focus on my balance of ATM. Now there is clear direction to achieve my goals. And a simple easy to follow system to do what I have always wanted to do, lead and coach my team to the next level.

 Thank you Qnity for breathing life back into my life!

QPlan Daniel's vision of prosperity Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.