Qnity Ambassador

Roy Guira |Strands Salon & Spa |Sacramento, CA


Hear Roy's story!

Hi, my name is Roy and I am a total right brain person. My husband’s name is Corey and he is a total left brain person. Together, we are a whole brain. After 10 years of being together, he is finally getting that I don’t do well with large figures and ideas. He would come at me with household numbers, facts, and details, and I would come back with, “WHY ARE YOU STILL TALKING? Can’t you see that my head is about to explode, and then there will be a real mess to clean up!" After attending Qnity, our conversations are very different. I came home after two days with Jodi Ohama and my work family, and I just regurgitated most of what I learned right on Corey’s lap and/or head. I won’t go as far as to say that I will never again ask him to stop talking, but I will dare to say that I better understand him, and he better understands me. Qnity for me was a big eye opener. It showed me how to break things down into bite-size, manageable pieces that are easier to digest. Specifically, how to make things simple, and celebrate the small wins. I look forward to being inspired by my coworkers, and having the opportunity to encourage others in growth on an individual and collective basis. Most importantly, I am accessible and present: if my colleagues need a sounding board, reassurance, or just a friend to talk to, Qnity is providing the tools to empower. Much like the 17% challenge, it is significant and doable. Roy_guira_photos Roy's Qnity Inspiration Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.