Qnity-The importance of Product Sales


Qnity Ambassador, Kat Fischer shares her experience creating this 9Grid to help her coworker increase her retail sales!

Kaitlin, one of the stylists I work was feeling stuck with retail. She couldn't get a promotion solely because of her retail!  She has been doing hair for 4 years and has pretty much been living just under $10.00 retail per client ticket. She wasn't understanding why. So at first, I was like, "Okay, let's talk about it!" I was talking and talking, sharing with her my latest learnings though Qnity, and just some basic tips I thought might help. Sitting there looking at me, she said she felt like it was just so much information she wasn't sure where to start. Realizing I was telling instead of showing her, I thought, "Duh- let's make a 9Grid!" Together, we began breaking it down into bite size chunks. To build up her confidence, she can even just pick one box or area to focus on! The techniques shown above are what the stylist, Kaitlin chose herself, I was simply there with the 9Grid as a tool to help support her. For example- skincare. Aveda has fantastic skincare! Instead of hearing from someone else that she should sell more skincare, Kaitlin now recognizes the opportunity of this for herself - and it is huge! As a leader, this helps me to really understand where she is coming from. While 9griding each of the boxes, she could talk about each and think about how she was actually going to do it. After creating this, she sold products to 2 out of 3 clients that never purchase products. That certainly got her confidence up!

What does Kat attribute this success to?


Kat Fischer is a stylist at Planet Labs in CO, and a Qnity Ambassador Kat Fischer is a stylist at Planet Labs in CO, and a Qnity Ambassador logo-needed-280x91