QPlan becomes Reality

roysQplan The image above is Roy's Guira's QPlan. Roy is a stylist at Strands in Sacramento and a Qnity Ambassador. Showing his Qplan to his salon owner during a recent meeting, he began to realize that everything on his QPlan has come true, since creating it this past May! Below is Roy's story behind each image and how it has since become a reality. stairs "I chose the staircase image because I want to move forward and move up in my career. Last week I was only at work 3 days, and I made my goal in all categories! I hit or beat 17% growth- in just 3 days of work! I attribute this to double booking and really focusing on retail- particularly talking about the new products, such as the new Smooth Infusion. I am selling SO much of it! Retail was something I was never good at before."


"When I took Qnity in May, at the time my life was feeling sort of chaotic. I couldn’t get anything down and I wasn’t being effective. I chose this image to simplify so I could get ahead and finally be on top of things. Now, I come into work 30 minutes ahead of time, make sure my station is clean, practice a regular work out routine, and it’s made my life SO much more simple! It’s amazing. I can’t even tell you. Qnity has helped me in work but also so much in all other areas of my life. I have used the tools across the board, and it’s made my life so much simpler! It’s changed my life."

smile "The smile. I chose this image to remind myself to be grateful. I had a defining moment while walking my dog a couple weeks ago. My husband and I just bought a home, which I love. I have a great family, who I love. I have a great place to go to work, which I love. Why am I not more grateful? At this instant, walking up to our new ranch style home- it hit me. There are SO many people who have less than me! I am not a real emotional or demonstrative person, but I started to choke up! Looking above, I said "thank you" to whatever higher being for everything I've been given. I am so fortunate." scaresyouquote "When my salon owner asked me if I would like to be the Qnity Ambassador and attend the Qnity Ambassador Retreat, my intital reaction was “No.” That’s always my typical first reaction to something new. I made the decision to hear her out this time, but I still wasn’t sure. Pulling out my QPlan, I saw this sticker. “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” It was fate taking out my QPlan at that moment.  It became clear that I was saying "no" to things, simply out of fear. I am now my salon's Qnity Ambassador for all three of our locations. I have been going to each location and really connecting with all the stylists! It's going great. I also was an attendee at the recent Qnity Ambassador Retreat.  It was amazing. With the knowledge and training we were able to receive in just 3 days, it felt like we were together for a month! I am so glad I did it. I have made such amazing connections through being a Qnity Ambassador. I am able to connect with people who are like-minded and amazing. For the first time, I finally feel like I belong. It just means so much to me. It's done nothing but move me forward and up." roy_guira Roy's advice on the QPlan: "It just works- at work and in your life. Just be open minded and LET IT!" Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.