QPlan Success


Pictured above is Qnity Ambassador, Sher Smith's QPlan. The image and text circled is Sher's dream to "Enrich her children's lives through travel."

During the Q+A Program in Fall 2014, Sher created the Qplan shown declaring an important dream of hers - to enrich the lives of her children through travel and the experience of a foreign culture.

With the help of the tools provided by Qnity, along with increased income from consistently tracking and applying 2 Number Growth, five months later Sher was able to make this dream a reality. The continual and steady growth in her business allowed Sher to take two weeks off to travel across the world with her children- for the trip of a lifetime to Thailand!

It's not all about earning more money- money simply provides the opportunity to do the things you love with the people you love- and that's truly having a life worth living! See photo's of Sher and her children in Thailand below.

sherskids shersdaughter sherskids_thailand elephant's_timeline Sher Smith is a stylist & Qnity Ambassador at Salon Azure. Sher Smith is a stylist & Qnity Ambassador at Salon Azure. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.