Rickey's 20% Increase!

Rickey_profile1 Prosperity to me is loving what you do and earning enough money to experience life to the fullest. Qnity has helped me grow my business 20 percent this year. It has helped my salon grow a stronger culture, and conduct more structured meetings resulting in a more productive, happier environment. I had a few struggles with my initial QPlan. I was going to shorten my women's hair cuts to 45 min from an hour. I struggled making this happen and was constantly running behind. I met with my salon owners and we decided to start using assistants to do blow outs on all my services. This seemed to make my books a total mess, and I found myself becoming stressed that my guests were feeling like it was cattle call, devaluing my services. Afterwards, I felt very discouraged, but then spoke with Hauns and picked his brain. My 3rd QPlan was to use assistants on my colors only...eliminating 30 minutes of process time and a 30 minute blowout. This allowed me to see 3 more guests per day on average! I still have a few guests who are reluctant to see an assistant for their finishes, so I am working with them to make sure they are happy. But for the most part my guests have transitioned very well. The extra money has allowed me to travel more, shop more, and experience more financial freedom.


Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.