Stephani's Qnity Story

Stephani My experience; on day one of Qnity, I sat with my co-stylists and friends, Tom began with the Focus module. At one point he talked about a stylist who was the top earning stylist at her salon, (there is a bio about her in the Focus preview booklet, pg22) Tom said that when he met her, she wasn’t what he was expecting. She was quiet, and reserved. He was expecting someone over the top, loud, a one woman show of sorts. At this point every familiar face at my table looked directly at me, and smiled. I connected with this stylist whom I’ve never met, because of the obvious personality trait we share. I am known for being calm and low profile. Like this stylist I set goals, I always have. Qnity made clear to me how to fine tune my goals, breaking them down by using the 9Grids, to visualize the steps necessary into something achievable. Stephani doing a team 9Grid at Q+A. Stephani is a Qnity Ambassador and stylist at Breeze Salons Stephani doing a team 9Grid at Q+A. Stephani is a Qnity Ambassador and stylist at Breeze Salons On Day 2, my mind was officially blown. Tom talked about being engaged with our guests, connecting Heart-to-heart. I think of every new guest as a potential opportunity to engage, I talk to every guest about products, every guest about their next visit, every guest about friends and family members who might be looking for a new stylist. I have now found new and improved ways to connect with my guests, without being afraid of crossing some kind of professional boundary. Doing the Tuesday tracker, every Tuesday having my qcard visible while I’m working, keeps my goals I’ve set for myself at the forefront of my mind while I’m on the floor. Things that have changed since Qnity. All of my numbers have increased, because of the confidence in me brought on by a-ha moments during Qnity. I celebrate small and big wins. Not just in my professional life, but my personal life as well. Qnity helped to guide me through the 2nd half of the most difficult year of my life, by showing me how to focus on what was important to me. Now I have a real appreciation for dating my husband, spending time with my family. Financially we were able to take our son on a real vacation this summer (and not just to grandma’s house), and we’re also planning another one for next summer. I’ve also been able to purchase some much needed furniture for our home. I earn more money, I do what I love, and I have a life. Also my consultations have changed, because I now have the ability to take charge, and engage my guests. I’m still an introvert, but by having a connection right off the bat, I know what ideas might be accepted or rejected solely based on observation and the connection with guests. The other day I received the best compliment I have ever gotten from any guest…ever. She was doing a big change, over a foot of hair was lying on the floor. When I started to blow dry her hair, she was in shock (in a good way). She was shocked that I gave her an amazing scalp massage, now was surprised that I was blow drying her hair, and showing her different techniques she could do at home. While I was texturizing after the blowout, she was almost in tears. This took me a-back, and I asked if she was okay, she looked at me through the mirror, and said “Does anyone ever tell you, you do life altering haircuts?” I said no, and then I almost started to cry. I told her that was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me about my work. After the appointment, she bought the products that I recommended for homecare, then proceeded to book her next two appointments. The thing about being motivated to go out there and concur the world/dreams/fears, is that motivation fades over time. The thing about Qnity is that there are tools to keep you on track. To keep you motivated, to keep you inspired to concur the world/dreams/fears. That’s what I feel is different about Qnity. Also the breakdown and interconnectivity of each lesson, it’s a complicated web of information, but it makes sense, and it makes me feel privileged to have this knowledge, and information at my fingertips.

No other opportunity has provided the sense of self worth afterwards.

Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.