Stephanie's Qnity Story

Stephanie Gocken | Stylist | Karen Allen, CA Stephanie Gocken | Stylist | Karen Allen, CA Prosperity to me is definitely having a life. Qnity helps me to see how important it is to focus and measure where I'm at and where I can grow. I want to maximize my time here at my salon and to help others to grow as well. If we all reach our goals, we all prosper. In the past, before Qnity, I was still successful but I never really paid enough attention to my numbers, I wasn't focused, I just got by. Now I see where I have opportunities in my day to practice my craft, teach others, as well as spend more time with my existing guest or ask for referrals. Qnity helped me connect the dots where if I track my number and look for my opportunities to grow, I don't have to say, "this is enough." Qnity makes is simple, I work smarter, not harder. One of my favorite tools is the 9Grid. I even shared it with my husband at home, he wants to go back to school and I feel it made it easier for him to make it happen in small steps. I also have been showing more gratitude by sending my guest and team members thank you notes. I now use my Tuesday Tracker and am confident in time I'll see my numbers grow!!

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