Teach your kid's goal setting with 9Grid's!


"I've been wanting to start talking to my kids about goal setting. Goal setting is something that growing up, I was never taught. It really is a skill. I believe you have a goal setting muscle, and you have to work it and practice setting clearly defined goals. I want to help my kids by starting them early, and begin by breaking down their big goals with a 9Grid. Hopefully by the time they are older they will be very good at!

With this first round of using 9Grid's, I had each of them choose two goals, and together we 9Grid-ed each of them! For this first time around,  I think it was important to have it be something important to them. As opposed to me telling them to 9Grid how to get better grades or something. I simply set up guidelines, while encouraging them to have fun doing it.

My oldest son, he wants to be animator. So the two areas he made a 9Grid on were becoming an animator and getting better at basketball.

My little one made his on being supportive on his brother's basketball endeavors and being better at cleaning up after himself." (Adorable).

Maybe next time we start incorporating things that I want them to focus on :)."

Perhaps how to help mom clean the house and do the laundry?

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