The Simple Way to Measure a Client's Engagement


Measure each Client's level of ENGAGEMENT using 2 Number Growth!

Remember the 2 Number Growth Dashboard? We cover this in the MEASURE module of our core program. As a review, while many numbers are important, we focus on the 2 key ways to increase your sales: 1. Increase Client Count (how many people you see)

                              2. Increase Average Ticket (how much each client spends with you)

Like speed & gas on a car dashboard, you never want to lose sight of where these two numbers are at. Digging a bit deeper, ("or popping the hood") you will find 3 key behaviors that "drive" both your Client Count & Average Ticket. When engaged in regularly, these behaviors will contribute to a greater Client Count and a higher Average Ticket. Let's look at how to measure each existing client's level of engagement by how often they participate in each of the drivers. 1. Grow your Client Count (how many people you see) The 3 drivers that increase Client Count: 1. Referrals 2. Retention 3. Re-booking Engaged clients will help you in your Client Count. They will refer you to their network, stay loyal, and rebook future appointments.

Average Ticket

 The 3 drivers that increase Average Ticket:

1. Products's

2. Add on's

3. Price Increase

Like the 3 drivers for Client Count, your clients will demonstrate their level of engagement by how much they spend. Engaged clients will have a higher Average Ticket- they will purchase products, add on services, and be less sensitive when you raise your prices.

There you have it! A simple way to measure each client's level of engagement.

Celebrate the clients who are actively engaged, and look for opportunities to engage clients further using each of the drivers as a reference point.

Not only will this translate to a more engaging visit for you & your client, you will see the result in a higher paycheck!

Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.